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                     UniCAD Automação Industrial started the first sales of UniCAD Parametric at the end of 1991. At the end of 1995, due to the societary alteration, the name of the company changed to UniOPEN Software Ltda and in 1997 a new company named UniOPEN Software was opened and who is now responding for the commercial area. The UniOPEN Software is the only owner of UniCAD Parametric Software copyrights.
                     UniCAD strongly acts at the developing area through partnerships with third parties, such as: communication with databases, periferic interface, CAM, Bechmarck, documentation, etc. In this way, it can keep an extremely compact and integrated staff.
                     One of the main characteristics of the product is the learning curve, which allows the engineer to elaborate a single project to represent a number of itens; use facility permitting a great power of details and size. Some of the resources include: movement simulation; Boolean operations; logic conditions; logfile; CAD/CAM link, automatic generation of Bill of Materials (BOM), etc.
                     The main public of the product consists basically of industries, especially in the mechanical engineering project area (automobiles, car parts, agricultural implements, tools, etc), but also in the metallurgic, petrochemical and electromechanical areas.
                     UniCAD Parametric presents a number of resources, which make it a very distinct product. The most important of these resource is the fact that the system is entirely parametric, with an extremely facility of use, since it does not require the user to have programming language knowledge. The user can create extremely compact draws, easy to be modified, in spite of the draw families from the original. Another interesting point is that the use of these resources is as simple and fast as performing a conventional building.
                     All the effort and investment from UniCAD, until the moment, aimed at creating a product with excellent level. So, the company owns a structure almost completely directed to development. Since then, it has been building a solid name in that segment. The company has sold his product in diverse places of the country.
                     UniCAD Parametric was internationally presented in the COMDEX ’ 94 ( Las Vegas - USA), CEBIT’ 95 and 97 (Hannover-Germany) and Autofact 96(Chicago - USA) fairs. In these events, it had great effect, including American, Canadian, European and Asian Resellers, interested in the commercialization in the corresponding markets. It was also target of national and international magazine articles.


Company Market


                     Besides selling to companies, UniOPEN Software acts in the institutional area, conceding the product to professional formation centres, schools, technical universities and to professionals who want to work with this technology. In cases where the system use is followed by its advertisement, the product is offered at a cost corresponding to 10% to 25% of the sale final value. There are nearly 500 seats distributed in this segmen, plus the amount of 2000 seats distributed to 550 Customers in Brazil.
                     Trough the Main Customers List, later in this document, we can see the strong presence of metal-mechanical companies. This branch is extremely demanding in relation to its vendors, especially in the CAD/CAM area, since the applications in this area are responsible for a considerable part of its competitive advantage.
                     UniCAD has been keeping an extremely positive partnership with its customers. UniCAD’s customers count on a technology - Low End Parametric CAD - which represents the first flight, even abroad, besides an accessible and high level support and also an updating and system improvement strategy aiming at attending its users’s necessities even before they can be detected.
                     The market place occupied by UniCAD Parametric is not limited to the niche of parametric CAD systems, as it could be supposed because of its extremely intrinsic parametrization power (without the need of programming via languages), but comprehends applications of draw details, movement simulation, collision test, automatic Bill of Materials generation, etc. All of this is due to the use facility and to the interface naturalness, with a resultant small learning curve, certified by the ones who have already had the opportunity to use or notice the system use.


UniCAD Parametric Description


                     UniCAD Parametric is a specialist CAD system with different tools to help the designer to develop mainly mechanical drawings, which qualifies it as a Mechanical CAD (MCAD), opposite to the generic CAD’s.
                     It does not implies that UniCAD Parametric can not be used in other applications successfully, as it has actually been used, because of its use and learning facility and simple, clear and objective interface. The possibility of using its specialised tools puts it in an advantage position, when compared to the generic systems. Another important distinction among CAD systems is related to the approach of the projector’s creative process. The first CAD systems developed tried to offer an alternative to the work in engineer’s desk, and then, different tools were offered to increase this professional’s productivity. However, the only automation introduced in the process consisted in storing parts of the draw in libraries for a future use, without being necessary to project them again. The most modern CAD systems - which are an evident reality nowadays and will dominate the market according to specialists - originate from a very extensive premise: the job of projecting a part or any other object tries to become automated by using all the potential available in the computer. In a dynamic world where the clients’ requirements in all the productive chain are always increasing, these systems offer the projector resources to make the project suitable to the future changes. These systems are the parametric CADs, and the UniCAD Parametric is proud to be part of this high-technology system category.
                     Some CAD systems offer the possibility of interaction with programming languages in order to perform more complex jobs, assigning, in this way, new responsibilities to the projector’s hand. But, actually, this professional is normally too involved to his several attributions to waste time acquiring proficiency in some programming language. On the other hand, UniCAD Parametric offers the possibility of parametrization, without the necessity of knowing programming languages. The essential part of the system anticipates geometric variables, logical conditions, associations to tables and others in an entirely interactive way, which is friendly and simple to the user.
                     The product provides powerful resources which attend all the project necessities and details in the Mechanical area. In the Piping area, important resources are anticipated, such as: piping generation from isometric line (including the parametric), interference test, etc. In the Civil area, in spite of UniCAD being a CAD tool essentially directed to details and parametrization, the new openGL and Tridimentional View resources should help the projector much more in this kind of application.
                     The system has innovative characteristics which allow it to be considered a highly differential product, when compared to the competitors at the same price range. Some of these characteristics are:


                     Some of these characteristics, such as movement simulation, are offered in other products as extra modules, but are less powerful and more expensive than the entire UniCAD package.


Universe of Current Applications and Installed Basis


                     The installed basis, in its present situation, is divided among national private companies, national government companies and multinational companies. Following, there are some concrete examples of the use of our product in users from different sizes and sections, giving a clearer idea of the diversification of existing applications and network of the diffusion of information and particular techniques available: